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Gordon, Caressa Principal
Lunsford, Carole 6th Grade Assistant Principal
Josey, Dashia 7th Grade Assistant Principal
Stoudmire, Christopher 8th Grade Assistant Principal
Jenkins, Kendra Instructional Coach

Ahmed, Saleha 7th Grade Science, Science Department Chair, Academic Team Coach
Alewine, Vivian 6th Grade English/Language Arts and Social Studies
Allen, Tyler HMS Band Director
Ayers, Barbara 6th Grade Special Education English/Language Arts
Bama, Rachael 6th Grade English/Language Arts
Beasley, Amy 6th Grade Math and Science, HMS Assistant Cheerleading Coach
Beasley, M. 8th Grade English/Language Arts
Biles, Charlie Health/PE, JHS Head Softball Coach, JHS Assistant Baseball Coach, HMS Assistant Athletic Director
Brannock, Brian PE/Weight Training, HMS Head Football Coach, HMS Head Boy's Track Coach
Campbell, Kristy 0100
Campbell, Melissa 6th Grade Math, Math Department Chair, Math Team Coach
Cook, Leigh Anne 8th Grade Math and Science
Fonfield, Candice Math Support
Fountain, Phillip 8th Grade Math, 9th Grade Algebra I
Gentle, Alicia 6th Grade Social Studies, HMS Head Cheerleading Coach
Glover, Sarah 7th grade English/Language Arts
Hall, Alisha 8th Grade Special Education Math, HMS Head Volleyball Coach
Head, Aida 8th Grade Science
Holloway, Aisha 8th Grade Social Studies, 8th Grade Chair
Horne, Melanie 6th Grade Math, 6th Grade Chair
Hosler, Nancy 8th Grade Special Education English/Language Arts
Jackson, Darsha Art
Kersey, Amber 8th Grade Science, 9th Grade Physical Science
Kersey, Kyle 7th Grade Social Studies, JHS Assistant Football Coach
Kirk, Ashley 6th Grade Special Education Math
Knox, Julie 7th and 8th Grade English/Language Arts, 9th Grade Literature and Composition
Martin, Patricia 7th Grade English/Language Arts and Social Studies
Maurer, Anne 0100
Maurer, Charles 7th Grade Social Studies
McGaha, Crystal 6th Grade Science
Miles, Rodney 6th Grade Social Studies
Miles, Tracie 7th Grade Special Education English/Language Arts
Milliken, Connie ELA/SS 6th Grade Teacher
Newman, Clyde 6th and 7th Grade Math
Pierce, Ashley 0100
Pinilla, Theresa Spanish I
Pirtle, Morgan 7th Grade Math and Science
Price, Angelica Reading Support
Ralston, Adam 0100
Rigsby, Ryan Keyboarding, Coding, and Robotics, Connections Department Chair
Sears, Jada 8th Grade Special Education Science and Social Studies
Small, Sheila 7th grade English/Language Arts, Assistant Robotics Team Coach
Smith, Alexis Special Education
Smith, Jennie Mae 8th Grade Social Studies, Social Studies Department Chair
Vernet, Breona 7th Grade Math
Walker, Lisa 7th Grade Math
Williams, Alison 6th Grade English/Language Arts, ELA Department Chair, Beta Club Sponsor
Williams, Kay 6th Grade Science
Woodruff, Ariel 7th Grade Science, 7th Grade Chair
Zellner, Shaquille 8th Grade Math, HMS Cross Country Head Coach

Jones, Sandra School Nurse
Lewis, Sanjenetta Special Education
Plummer, Jonathan School Counselor

Butler, Terri Front Office Secretary
Grooms, LaKesha School Counselor
Long, LaBreeska Paraprofessional
Mayfield, LaErin Paraprofessional
Rosser, Connie Paraprofessional
Smith, Anetta 8th Grade English/Language Arts and Social Studies
Staples, Kim Data Clerk