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Allen, Tracey Principal
Josey, Dashia Assistant Principal
Rustin, Will Assistant Principal
Jenkins, Kendra Learning Support Specialist

Ahmed, Saleha 8th Grade Math, Academic Team Coach, Math Team Coach
Alewine, Vivian 7th Grade Social Studies
Allen, Tyler Band Director
Beasley, Amy 6th Grade Science
Biles, Charlie Physical Education, Varsity Head Softball, Varsity Assistant Baseball, Assistant Athletic Director
Campbell, Kristy 8th Grade English Language Arts, 8th Grade Chair
Campbell, Melissa 6th Grade Math, 6th Grade Level Chair
Chapman, Jennifer 7th Grade Language Arts
Couch, Amy Special Education Teacher
Craig, Elisha Art
Cranford, Kelli 8th Grade Science and Math
Edgin, Pebbles Reading Support
Floyd, Mary Kay Special Education
Frix, Joan 8th grade ELA/SS
Gardiner, Connie 7th Grade English/Language Arts
Grafton, Diana 6th Grade Social Studies, Yearbook Editor
Greene, Justin 8th Grade Math, Head Cross Country, Head Girls' Soccer
Hall, Alisha Special Education, SP Ed. Department Chair, Head Softball Coach
Head, Aida 8th grade Science
Hill, Carovita Physical Education, Head Girls' Basketball, Head Girls' Track
Holloway, Aisha 8th Grade Social Studies
Horne, Melanie 6th Grade Math, PTO Fundraisig Chair
Kersey, Amber 8th Grade Science, Head Volleyball Coach
Kersey, Kyle Health/Physical Education, Connections Department Chair, Head Football Coach
Knox, Julie 7th Grade Language Arts
Lassiter, Kimberly 7th Grade Science
McCoy, Matt Math Support, Head Boys' Basketball
McGaha, Crystal 6th grade science
McMahon, Dennis Co-Teach and Resource Math
Miles, Tracie 7th Grade Special Education/Language Arts Co-teach and Resource
Milliken, Connie ELA/SS 6th Grade Teacher
Morris, Brittania 7th Grade Math
Newman, Clyde 7th Grade Math, Head Boys' Soccer
Norman, Hannah Special Education-Speech-Language Pathologist
Paulk, Amanda LA
Pinilla, Theresa Spanish
Rigsby, Ryan CTAE
Rogers, Andrew 7th Grade Science, Head Baseball Coach
Rose, Crystal 8th Georgia History
Sears, Rebecca SPED
Smith, Alexis Special Education
Smith, Jessie 8th Grade Co-Teach and Resource Math and Science
Starr, Jillann 6th Grade English/Language Arts
Steverson, Brett 6th Grade Social Studies, Assistant Varsity Football, Head Wrestling Coach, Head Boys' Track
Welker, Jennifer 7th Grade Social Studies
Wilkerson, Ashley 8th Grade Math
Williams, Alison 6th Grade English/Language Arts and ELA Department Chair
Williams, Latasha Social Studies
Woodruff, Ariel 7th Grade Life Science

Grooms, LaKesha School Counselor
Johnson, Natalie
Myers, Peggy Media
Rosser, Connie Parapro
Staples, Kim Admin. Assistant/Front Desk Secretary