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PTO Chili Cook Off, Hot Dog Dinner, Athlete Celebration, and Book Fair  

Novamber 1st is our next PTO meeting.  We will have a chili cook off and hot dog dinner.  We will also be celebrating our fall sports.  Additionally, it is family night for our book fair!  Hope to see you there.

4-H officers 4th pd  

Congratulations 4-H officers:

4th Pd 

President - Kylie Bass

Vice President - Jordan Cole

Secretary - Jazmin Thrasher

Pledge Leader - Travian Mann

Announcement Image for 4-H officers 4th pd

4-H officers 3rd pd  

We have elected our officers for 4-H this year...

Congratulations to:

3rd pd                                                            

President - Aja Tyson                                    

Vice President - Keely Banks                          

Secretary - Corbin Presley                             

Pledge Leader - Alexis Yancy                          


Announcement Image for 4-H officers 3rd pd

Box Tops & Pop Tops  

Please collect and turn in pop tops (coke tabs).  We collect these through 4-H and it goes to benefit the Ronald McDonald House.  We can earn the Club of the Month/Year!

Also, please collect and turn in box tops.  This will help us earn money for HMS.  We can earn an ice cream party!

Oreo Lab  

Please bring a pack of oreos on Monday (Sept 19) for our oreo lab!

Thanks for joining us  

Thanks for joining us if you came to the PTO meeting Tuesday night.  Don't worry if you couldn't make it, you can still join PTO and I will let you know when we have the next meeting.



I am the teacher liaison/assistant coordinator for PTO this year!  We have BIG plans and a vision for great things for our children.  However, it takes YOU!  Please help me this year, I want to be known as the school that has the biggest PTO and does so many great things with, and for, our students!  Our first meeting is Tuesday, Sept 13th at 5:00.  It will only lst about 30 mins.  Please come check us out.  It only takes $5 for the whole year!