7th grade Travel project  

We have 2 days in the computer lab to research and create your brochure. I have uploaded a template for you to use. Go to the FILE MANAGER to download it. BE SURE TO SAVE YOUR WORK. You have a handout with all the project requirements. If anything happens to your handout, the same information is below, and also in the File Manager.  IF YOU DON'T GET FINISHED IN THE COMPUTER LAB, YOU WILL HAVE TO FINISH ON YOUR OWN.

Travel Brochure              Due  March 28                                         Purpose:  To research and create an informational Brochure for target audience using publisher and oral communication skills. This will be done in English. You will create a brochure and present it to the class. 


  • Choose a Spanish speaking country, research cities and places people might like to visit.
  • TARGET AUDIENCE:  A family of 4.
  • Find information on places to see and things to do in that country —remember that you are trying to convince the family to come to this country —you make money if they choose your trip!
  • Create a brochure containing travel information. All content must be SCHOOL-APPROPRIATE!


Project Requirements: You must include all of the minimums on the following: See rubric

  • You must include at least 2 different cities with overview/history. (10 PTS)
  • At least 4 sight-seeing attractions per city. (2 indoor and 2 outdoor) (10 PTS)
  • A front page that attracts interest—Name of Country and Cities with Map (10 PTS)
  • 2 photos (10 PTS)
  • Useful phrases in Spanish. (5 PTS)
  • Include 2 restaurants per city with addresses and type of food (10 PTS)
  • Correct spelling and grammar usage throughout the brochure (10 PTS)

Include your name as the contact person, inside a text box on the back cover, for further information on traveling to this country! (5 PTS)

Some Travel Planning Sites to Get You Started:            ,,,,


A few things to remember …

·         Do a good job and be creative!!

·         The level of expectation for this work is a high-quality, visually appealing, professional brochure

·         Don’t get behind—use every minute wisely. Do not visit inappropriate Internet sites. Do not get caught playing games in class.

·         Take notes on the information you find.

·         Make sure you have ALL requirements


Announcement Image for 7th grade Travel project

Women's History Month Fakebook Project  

You will choose a hispanic/latina to research. Please focus on Achievements and Accomplishments. No entertainers, unless you can show lasting significant impact on the community.  With your new learning, create a FAKEBOOK page for her. Include Information in 3 of the blocks on the left side of FAKEBOOK, profile and cover image, profile info (dob, family, interests, etc) and AT LEAST 5 relevant posts with comments. You will need to have 5 posts before you can save your work and receive a locator address. I have uploaded the rubric and a reference page for you, in case something happens to the hard copy handed out in class on 3/23. You will need to create 5 timeline posts before your can save your work, and you will need to record the URL to be able to get back to your work in progress. You will also share that URL with me by email when you are done. 

We have computers 3/23 and 3/24. After that, it is your responsibility to finish this on your own time. The finished project is due before Spring Break. Please share by email the link to your work. I do not need your password.

Here is an example that I've started: 

Your requirements and rubric:

“Fakebook” project: HIstoria de la mujer

Fakebook is a free application available for classroom use at

Use it to create a fake social profile for a fictional or historical character, or even a concept/object!







The Fakebook includes completed ‘blocks’ on the left-hand side (e.g. “friends”, “hobbies”, “family”). Award 1 point for each complete block, up to a maximum of 3.


Cover Image

The Fakebook includes a cover image at the top of the screen behind the main profile image. Award 2 points only if it has an obvious connection to the character.


Profile Information

The Fakebook includes profile information (birthday, family members, place of birth, job, interests…)



The Fakebook “Wall” includes a series of 5 (dated WITHIN THE SUBJECT’S LIFETIME) posts which outline the key achievements in the character’s life and career. Write in first person, and make them plausible.



Other historically accurate characters comment on these posts offering their opinions on the significant events, achievements and failures being described. Make sure the comments and commenters are plausible.


Video- BONUS

The Fakebook embeds at least one YouTube video that is relevant to the story, with a “Wall Post” from the character explaining why it’s included.


Overall Judgement

Three further points are available for the general impression created by the Fakebook – does it sound realistic / written clearly and so on?




SUGGESTED RESOURCES,28757,2008201,00.html

Change to Mango Access  


Click on START LEARNING. Enter 30233 and click FIND.

Click GET STARTED at the end of the message that says "Your state library is kindly providing you with complete access to Mango Languages’ award-winning software for free — well, technically paid for by your state library."  On the next page, LOG IN.


I just encountered this today, Dec 6.

If you use the Mango app, this will not affect you at all. However, when working from a browser (on computer or mobile device), when you log in, you need to use this link: 

Be sure and bookmark the link. It allows you to log in with verification from the Board of Regents/University System. Remember, it is the Board of Regents that is providing free access statewide. Logging in this way will keep you from getting the message that "Board of Regents/University System of Georgia requires authentication through their website."

The origin and history of the Poinsettia  

These flowering plants will soon turn up in stores and roadside stands everywhere you wook. Do you know they are named for an american botanist? Did you know they originated in Mexico and Central America? 

Día de acción de gracias  

Students are writing statements today, in Spanish, about what they are thankful for. These will be posted in a classroom display, and when complete, I will post a photo for all to enjoy.

¡Feliz día de acción de gracias a todos!


Wednesday Nov 9  

You will choose one of the people listed on the following websites and research that person's life and achievements. Take notes, today is the only day we have the computers.

With your information, prepare a PowerPoint slide (only 1 slide) that includes the following: 

Name (choose carefully, be sure you spell names correctly)

Photo of the person (for historical figures, there may not be a photos. you may use paintings/drawings instead)

Description of accomplishment(s)  (make sure there is something to discuss here besides fame)

Obstacles that had to be overcome 

When and where did this person grow up?

What is the lasting impact of this person's actions and/or accomplishments? (please choose wisely so that you have something to discuss here)


Recipe for pan de muertos  

Some have asked, so here is the recipe I used. I left out the orange peel and juice since I didn't have any. This is in Spanish, I know, but it has step-by step photos of the process. English translation coming soon. The recipe calls for grated orange peel and orange juice, but I left those out simple because I didn't have any on hand. It does not affect the dough or the baking, just alters the flavor somewhat.

**UPDATE**  You can now find the recipe in English in my file manager. 

Announcement Image for Recipe for pan de muertos

Replacement link for question #5 on HISPANIC hERITAGE webquest  

If you can't get to foodrepublic because it's blocked, here's another website tht explains the tradition and its history 

WEbquest this week  

We have two days this week in the computer lab to work on the Hispanic Heritage Month webquest. Please make the most of this time. You will have a copy to write on. After those two days, it will be up to you to get finished on your own. Remember, we started this together in class before the break. When you finish, you can use the time for independent practice in Mango/Quizlet/Duolingo/Edpuzzle, so bring your earbuds/headphones. 

Chocolate Tasting Wednesday 10/5/16  

You will be in the position of the Spaniards and other Europeans who encountered chocolate for the first time in the 1500s. I have milk chocolate, dark chocolate, unsweetened baking cocolate, and chocolate nibs. I will also have water, just in case.


Edpuzzle updated today  

New videos added to EdPuzzle today. Log in and check them out!


Here is the letter writing prompt from today. You will have time to work on it tomorrow, and then we'll see where everyone is with it. You can find the Smithonian article in my Links, and the video from this morning also. If you want the PowerPoint, look in File Manager.


Using the information in the video and the articles,

write a letter in the following format:


Role: You are in the expedition of Hernan Cortes in


Audience: Your letter is to King Charles I (Carlos I)

Format: A formal letter to your ruler. Be very, very,

polite. This is not someone you can be casual with

or risk causing offense.

Task: Explain your discovery of the new drink,

chocolatl. Describe how it grows, and the strange

tree it comes from. Describe how the Aztec people

prepare the drink. How can the drink be changed to

suit Spanish tastes? Also, explain the history of

cacao from the perspective of an explorer in the 1500s.


Edpuzzle is a great resource for student-friendly media. Here are the links to use:

Seventh grade:

Eighth grade Spanish 1: 

Mango Languages access  



Duolingo join links  

Here are the links you need to join my Duolingo class:

Seventh grade:

Eighth grade:

first connection

second connection


Here are the links fo join quizlet once you have set up an account:




A Brief History of Chocolate   

There is an excellent article from Smithsonian Magazine about the history of chocolate. We will examine this in detail, including cacao beans and tasting chocolate al estilo Mexicano. 

Resources added to the Links page.  

I am starting to add online study resources to the links page.Check back regularly.

Remember your notebook every day  

Be sure to bring your notebook EVERY day. I expect to you refer to it so much that you will wear it out. 

Spanish speaking countries project- 7th grade  

Students are working individually or with a partner. The details are at We will have all presentations on Thursday and Friday, Sep 1 & 2.

Spanish speaking countries project- 8th grade  

Students are working independently on their research and presentations. Details are at 

We will present on Thursday and Friday, Sep 1 & 2.