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School Parent and Family Compact Henderson Middle School School Year 2017-2018

School Parent and Family Compact
Henderson Middle School
School Year2017-2018
Revision Date (May10, 2017)

Dear Family,

Henderson Middle School students participating in the Title I, Part A program, and their families, agree that this compact outlines how the parents, the entire school staff, and the students will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement as well as describes how school and parents will build and develop a partnership that will help children achieve the State's high standards.

To understand how working together can benefit your child, it is first important to understand our district's and school's goals for student academic achievement.

Butts County School System Goals:
• To excel in Student Achievement and Growth by improving academic achievement for all students and subgroups.

Henderson Middle School Goals:
• To improve literacy skills by providing purposeful reading, writing, and discussions in every classroom in an effort to increase writing proficiency on assessments.
• To meet and/or exceed performance targets in all content areas.

To help your child meet the district and school goals, the school, you, and your child will work together to:

School Responsibilities:

Henderson Middle School will:

1. Provide high quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that enables the participating children to meet the State's student academic achievement standards by:
o Ensuring that teachers implement Common Core Georgia Performance Standards consistently and effectively and that State Frameworks are utilized consistently in all classrooms.
o Increasing rigor and quality of instruction in all content areas for all students.
o Developing and implementing a writing plan across all contents.
o Implementing strategies that develop skills in authentic literacy (reading, writing, and speaking).

2. Hold parent-teacher conferences during which this compact will be discussed as it relates to the individual child's achievement.
Parent conferences will be held before, during, and after school hours. The school-parent compact will serve as an agreement for teachers and parents to share the responsibility for improved student achievement.
Parents will be able to schedule conferences with their child's teachers at other times throughout the year based on the students' need.

3. Provide parents with frequent reports on their children's progress.
Progress reports and report cards will be sent home every 4 ½ weeks for parent review and signature:
o September 2017
o October 2017
o November 2017
o January 2018
o February 2018
o March 2018
o April 2018
o May 2018

Weekly grades are also accessible to parents on Infinite Campus.
4. Provide parents reasonable access to staff.
In an effort to build strong relationships and perceptions, parents are encouraged to contact school personnel with questions, concerns, or to schedule a meeting.
o Parents are encouraged to schedule any needed conferences with teachers by calling Henderson Middle School at 770-504-2310 or by emailing a specified teacher.

o Parent Teacher Organization meetings are held throughout the school year to provide parents with information regarding academics and extracurricular activities. PTO dates and times are communicated to parents a month in advance.


Parents can also contact school administrators with any questions or concerns at 770-504-2310:
Tracey Allen, Principal
Dashia Josey, Assistant Principal
Christopher Stoudmire, Assistant Principal
Carole Lunsford, Assistant Principal

5. Provide parents opportunities to volunteer and participate in their child's class, and to observe classroom activities as follows:

o Parents are encouraged to join the school's PTO.
o Parents are encouraged to volunteer at Henderson Middle School.
o If a parent would like to volunteer at Henderson Middle School, please contact the Parent Involvement Coordinator, LaKesha Grooms 770-504-2310 ext. 3060.

Parent Responsibilities:

We, as parents, will:
• Encourage daily school attendance
• encourage my child to read at home
• provide a home environment that encourages my child to learn
• work with my child to see that all homework assignments are completed
• communicate regularly with my child's teachers
• talk with my child about his/her school activities every day
• will monitor student progress regularly
• utilize Infinite Campus regularly
Student Responsibilities:
Students will:
• follow Henderson Middle School's expectations
• set academic goals for the school year
• read daily at home and at school
• put forth my best effort
• come to school with my homework and supplies
• ask for help when needed
• communicate with parents and teachers
• believe in themselves and in their learning abilities
Please review this School-Parent Compact with your child. This School-Parent Compact will be discussed with you throughout the year at different school-family events as we work together to help your child succeed in school.

Please sign and date below to acknowledge that you have read, received, and agree to this School-Parent Compact. Once signed, please return the form to your child's teacher. We look forward to our school-parent partnership!

Student Printed Name: _____________________________________Student Signature: ____________________________________ Date: __________________

Parent Printed Name: ______________________________________Parent Signature: ____________________________________ Date: __________________

Teacher Printed Name: ____________________________________Teacher Signature: ___________________________________ Date: _________________

Este es un documento importante de la escuela de su hijo.
Si ustedes necesitan que traduzcamos esta información, por favor, llamen a LaKesha Grooms al
(770) 504-2310 ext. 3060 .