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Henderson Middle School ROAR Matrix









●  Keep hands and feet to yourself.

●  Use an inside voice.

●  Make positive comments.

●  Keep hands and feet to yourself.

●  Use inside voices.

●  Respect privacy of others.

●  Use school facilities properly.


●  Keep hands and feet to yourself.

●  Use kind words.

●  Keep conversations within your table.

●  Keep hands and feet to yourself.



●  Keep hands and feet to yourself.

●  Ask permission to borrow materials.

●  Follow directions the first time given.

●  Request permission to speak or leave your seat.


●  Obtain necessary materials during assigned locker breaks.

●  Walk on the blue on the right side of the hallway.

  • Adhere to scheduled restroom breaks.
  • Obtain a hall pass.


●  Stack trays.

●  Keep your place in line.

●  Remain at your own table.



●  Store all belongings in your locker.

●  Enter the gym and sit on your spot.

●  Go to your locker at assigned times.

●  Bring all necessary materials to class.

●  Keep your area neat and clean.



●  Arrive promptly to class.

●  Be polite, stay positive.

  • Properly dispose all paper towels.
  • Leave the restroom in better condition than you found it.

●  Ensure that you have everything you need before being seated.


●  Play every game to the best of your ability.

●  Dress out daily.

●  Begin warm up immediately.

●  Complete all assigned tasks.


●  Walk directly to your destination.

●  Obtain a hall pass before leaving the classroom.

●  Keep our hallways clean.

  • Flush toilets after use.
  • Use the restroom in a timely fashion.
  • Report when the restroom needs attention.


●  Keep all food and drinks in the cafeteria.

●  Clean your area before departure.

●  Return all equipment to assigned area.


●  Ask for help when needed.

●  Be a good listener.

●  Actively participate.

●  Help others to do their best.